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Alfa Sommersol

Executive for hire

Go-to-market C-level executive with focus on solving advanced problems with elegant solutions.

I provide the necessary drive to ensure that the team keeps moving and does not lose focus or momentum.

My diverse background have given me a wide technical knowledge and I love to keep updated on what is going on in the technology field.

Workflow, simplicity and efficiency is important to me, and I identify and solve pain-points in the area where customers/clients and technology interchange. My communication skills enables me to interpret between technology, sales and market.

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What people say about me

Venkatakrishnan GaneshAs a manager, he would never ask something of you that he wouldn't do himself first. He always lead by example. He is relentless in his march towards ridiculously hard to get goals. He's also a very creative problem solver, he always has a billion ideas in his pocket to toss around. I would work with Alfa any given day. He's certainly one the most inspirational managers around.

Venkatakrishnan Ganesh - Founder LivePinch

Maksym DolgykhAlfa is one of the managers who has deep and broad technical knowledge and can transform business needs to technical requirements. Working on a few projects under his supervision I was always impressed by his capability to see opportunities for business. Alfa is highly recommended and if I get invitation, I will definitely consider joining his team again

Maksym Dolgykh - DevOps Engineer at SoftServe


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