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About Scrum Poker

Welcome to the Online Scrum Poker, your preferred digital solution to conduct scrum poker, also known as online poker planning. With increasing remote work and globally dispersed teams, virtual tools like this online scrum poker and planning poker app facilitate agile practices effectively.

Absolutely no installation and no registration is needed for playing scrum poker online for free !

Instant Scrum Poker Room Creation

You can easily set up an online planning poker room for your team in mere seconds. It is as easy as clicking the New Session button above to start the planning poker session. An instant scrum poker room is available, and you can bookmark or keep the link to retain the room number for future scrum poker planning sessions online, making set-up even quicker.

Inviting Colleagues to Scrum Poker

Once the online scrum poker room is set up, you can invite your team members by sharing the link to the planning poker room. If finding a common timeslot is tricky, consider creating a poll using tools like to find and agree on availability for condicting the scrum poker session.

Beginning the Online Scrum Poker

As your team enters the scrum poker room, you cannot see their presence until a vote is cast. However, since scrum poker or planning poker require verbal communication, this is not a problem. Online Scrum poker begins, and the team members submit their estimates, view who has provided the estimates, and reveal the results.

How to Play Scrum Poker (Online poker planning)

During the online estimation session, each participant has access to a deck of cards containing the following numbers: 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 20, 40, 100, and ?. These numbers represent story points.

  1. Any participant can take on the role of Moderator for the scrum poker session, no need to be a Scrum Master or Product Owner. The Moderator's role is to facilitate the process and ensure smooth communication.

  2. The Moderator presents an overview of a ticket or user story to be estimated.

  3. Participants click on their selected card from the deck, representing their estimate for the user story in terms of story points.

  4. To reveal their estimates, participants click on the "Display Scores" button or a similar feature provided in the online platform.

  5. The estimates are simultaneously displayed, allowing participants to see each other's votes.

  6. Participants with the highest and lowest estimates briefly present their reasoning behind their respective scores. This provides insights into different perspectives and helps foster a shared understanding.

  7. The discussion continues as participants share their perspectives and insights regarding the estimates.

If needed, the estimation process can be repeated until a consensus is reached. The Moderator may facilitate the discussion and encourage participants to reconsider their estimates based on the insights shared.

Is Scrum poker free?

Use of this scrumpoker app is free of charge for ever. As a scrum master or scrum team that want to start scrum poker planning, just start your planning poker online using the New Session and invite your team to join you using the scrum room link.

Note: The online scrum poker platform provides the functionality to click on the chosen card and reveal the estimates, eliminating the need for physical cards and face-to-face interactions.

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